Founded in 1937, Kerrick has recently been acquired by the Nilfisk group, a leading global manufacturer and distributor of cleaning equipment. Specialising in commercial and industrial cleaning equipment, the Kerrick range includes an array of vacuum cleaners, extractors, drain cleaners, nozzles, sewer cameras, high pressure pumps and water blasters as well as gantry and material lifts. Kerrick also custom designs and creates solutions to meet client requirements.

Since its foundation in Denmark in 1906, Nilfisk has grown, adding to its portfolio of well-known brands like Advance, Gerni, Viper and now Kerrick. Nilfisk has manufacturing facilities around the globe with more than 3,000 products for indoor and outdoor cleaning, which along with Kerrick’s wide network of suppliers ensures customers have an ample choice of high quality equipment.

Traditionally targeting different sectors in the cleaning equipment industry, we are excited by the prospect of extending our existing product range and customer base. While there may be a few changes behind the scenes, the effect to our customers will be minimal. We will continue to provide quality cleaning equipment to our valued customers, as well as a reliable service offering.

Serving Australia

The Kerrick and Nilfisk network of locations, distributors and service agents now span across the length and width of Australia. Kerrick is known for providing quality solutions in a friendly down to earth manner and although now owned by Nilfisk that level of service and product knowledge will remain unchanged. Our water blasters, vacuum cleaners and high pressure pumps still range from commercial and professional, right through to industrial and our network of trusted international suppliers has remained intact.

The acquisition of Kerrick by Nilfisk allows us to leverage product and industry expertise to get the best result for our customers. Better yet, Kerrick’s practical engineering skills, knowledge of niche industries and commitment to after sales service in the commercial and industrial sectors is leveraged with Nilfisk’s global network and resources.

The Way We Do Business

We understand the need for flexibility in our product range and back this up with technical knowledge of the industries we serve. In addition, our engineers have the ability to design, build and install units to meet various industry standards, from mining through to hazardous materials. Having a strong technical background ensures that our company can adequately support the markets we supply and also gives us a competitive edge. We're not just focused on meeting our sales goals; we focus on giving our clients the best product for the job. Cleaning equipment that is reliable and priced fairly.

Our Values

  • Total customer satisfaction, developed through long term commitment and close relationship with our customers, is key to the Nilfisk strategy.
  • Top quality products and services that meet customer needs, are core to maximise the productivity of the customer and drive down the total cost of cleaning.
  • To improve the price/quality ratio and the availability of our products and services we must continuously work on increased efficiency at all levels, and in all areas of our organisation and those of the suppliers.