Grace Carpet Extractor Still Performing 3 Years On


Nick Smith from Complete Cleaning Systems recently dropped into one of the Kerrick branches looking to replace an upholstery tool which he’d lost whilst out on contract cleaning job somewhere.

After chatting with Nick for a while he reveled that he owns a Kerrick Grace Carpet Extractor and has had it for 3 years. This one machine has more than paid for itself and generated $100,000 worth of business for Nick’s company, making it both an asset and an investment.

Nick said "Apart from being a great carpet extractor its key feature is that it can easily be disassembled into two pieces, making it lightweight and easy to transport in any size vehicle. Plus it is easily carried up stairs and through high rise apartments where other extractors are too large, bulky and heavy - the Grace has it all over them!"

Nick is a huge fan of the Kerrick Grace both as a great workhorse and for ease of transport. Another key feature of this carpet extractor is that it has twin vacuum motors that help to speed up carpet drying times. It also comes complete with robust metal carpet tools, an upholstery tool and 7.5m of extension vacuum hose providing the operator with the flexibility to clean large carpeted areas, upholstery and confined spaces.

To find out more about the Grace Carpet Extractor or to receive a quote call Kerrick on 1300 537742 (1300 KERRICK) or contact us via the website

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