Hyqua Blitz 2500psi Leaves Holiday Shack Sparkling Clean


Tony B. dropped into his local Kerrick branch on the 13th of November 2015, looking for a petrol water blaster to help him clean up his holiday shack in time for Christmas with the family.

After talking to the sales team he left with a new Hyqua Blitz 2500 psi that would provide him with the versatility and power he needed to not only clean his pavers but with the addition of the two meter lance, reach up and clean the walls of his two story shack as well as his pergola.

Tony got in touch with the Kerrick sales team recently to say his new pressure washer is "AWESOME" and that he’d buy another Kerrick Hyqau Blitz in a heartbeat. He also provided the pictures in this story as proof of just how effective the pressure cleaner is and why he’s so happy with it.

Drop into your local branch to find out more about this great pressure cleaner or contact the team via the website. They can provide all the specifications, information and pricing you need and if you can’t quite find what you’re looking for we can build pressure cleaners to suit your needs.

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