Kerrick’s 5 Best Water Blasters for People On a Budget


Here at Kerrick we don’t muck around, we talk to our customers, listen to what they want and try to find a solution that meets their needs. We understand the frustrations of needing a quality water blaster that won't break down and needing to satisfy the bank manager. We’ve had an endless stream of good Aussie customers flooding through our doors badly burned by cheap water blasters and pressure cleaners that break down on a continual basis leaving them out of pocket, with costly downtime and looking bad in front of clients.

Kerrick has become known for selling seriously good products that won’t let you down, followed by great after sales service. In the short run our products may cost you slightly more than some other products on the market but over the products lifetime you can rest assured ours will pay for its self over and over again and actually cost less than the 'cheaper' units when you calculate the Cost vs Use ratio. However we understand the Australian market and that budgets are tight and the ‘Here and Now’ is what’s important to many of you. So we went away and sourced products that meet both your budgetary needs and our quality standards. 

View our line up of economically priced water blasters below (to view the full details on each product click on its name).

For more information call your local branch on 1300 KERRICK or contact us via the website, our team can provide all the technical advice you need. Kerrick can also custom build units onto skids and trailers and with many units the flow and pressure can be adjusted as required.

Elite Rosso (Cold Electric)

New to Kerrick’s range the Elite Rosso is Italian manufactured and boasts features like time delayed stop, a brass pump and easy maintenance. The low speed motor (1425 RPM) is a major bonus as it reduces wear and tear on the pump and improves product lifespan overall.  This unit is a great entry level water blaster and works well across the food, automotive, hospitality, educational and commercial cleaning industries. The Elite Rosso provides value for money without sacrificing quality, making it a durable and reliable water blaster that’s becoming increasingly popular in the market place.



Economical EI 1511 (Cold Electric)

Manufactured by Kerrick for the Australian market this is a tough little unit that has everything you need and nothing you don’t. It’s compact, it’s trolley mounted, it has a low speed pump and heat dispersing coupling. It’s practical, it’s efficient and it’s sharply priced. Enough said.



Royal Rosso (Cold Electric)

The Royal Rosso provides real value for money and is well worth a second look. New to Kerrick’s range and competitively priced it’s a three phase, heavy duty 
unit with a low speed powerful pump, shock proof frame and optional hose reel. European engineered this water blaster throws a hefty punch operating at 3000psi and 16.6 l/min making it perfect for industrial or large scale jobs where serious cleaning power is required.


Honda 2500 psi Model BE2509 (Cold Petrol)

Economically priced, practical and well thought out, this water blaster is one of Kerrick’s more popular units. Versatile and easy to use it has a number of great features including a Honda motor and brass axial pump, it’s trolley mounted with an anti-vibration pad and has fold down handles providing compact storage. It is ideal for light commercial work like maintenance work around the farm, equipment wash down and for use in truck bays.


Runner (Commercial Hot Water)

Kerrick’s newest commercial hot water pressure cleaner the Runner ticks all the boxes. Operator friendly and easy to maintain, this industrial steam cleaner heats to 140°C has Intelligent Total Stop, an ECO mode, Water softener, Detergent tap, and Pressure gauge. Like the Italians who designed it, it’s sleek, it’s sharp and it has all the bells and whistles you need but unlike them our price tag won’t cripple your bank manager, in fact it’s so good we’re having trouble keeping up with demand.


For quotes and enquiries drop into your local branch or contact us via the website. We're happy to walk you through the options available and can customise off the shelf units or build from scratch if  you require something more specialised. 

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