Kerrick Sports Sedans Round Four At Phillip Island Victoria


Things are heating up as the finals for the Kerrick Sports Sedans grows ever closer. Tony Ricciardello is sitting comfortably in the lead with Michael Robinson, Daniel Tamasi and Steven Tamasi looking to close the gap and make their mark at Phillip Island. Jack Perkins and Kerry Baily will also be out to prove a point after both were plagued by mechanical failures in round three. It’s going to be a tight race and with the finals just around the corner you can guarantee it will be a gritty one. Be sure to catch all the action live at Sandown Raceway in Victoria from 1 - 3 April.

The race will be held at Phillip Island Grand Prix Circuit which reopened in 1966 and hosted the Phillip Island 500K endurance race, final round of the Australian Manufacturers' Championship, from 1971 to 1977. But again, due to its testing terrain, the circuit required much maintenance and slowly declined through the 1970s.

It was farmed by its owners while closed and was then sold in 1985 in preparation for reopening, but did not do so until 1989 after agreement on a long term lease and rebuild agreement. The World Motorcycle Championship gave the circuit a grand re-opening in 1989 with a brilliant race long dice in the 500 cc division between Wayne Gardner, Wayne Rainey, Christian Sarron and Kevin Magee.

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