Scaffolding Company Keeps Gear Looking Brand New with Hot Water Pressure Cleaner


Quick Ally Scaffolding & Access Solutions takes pride in the fact that when they send out scaffolding, they want it to look brand new, giving a customer’s worksite a cleaner more professional presentation. In fact it’s this pride in presentation that has helped them to stand out against their competitors and provide customers just that little bit extra.

The Kerrick team was contacted by Quick Ally Scaffolding & Access Solutions to demonstrate a hot water pressure cleaner for washing down recently returned scaffolding. They needed a machine that had the heat, pressure, and litres per minute to strip paint, dried concrete, and other site materials from their product in a quick and timely manner.

After completing demos of two other competitor pressure cleaners, the Kerrick Jumbo was successful in completing the required tasks and exceeding the client’s needs and expectations.

Features of the Jumbo hot water pressure cleaner include output at a pressure of up to 200 bar and 21 l/min, water heated up to 100°C to help speed up cleaning work, low fuel indicator and a robust steel frame with a stainless steel cover that provides easy access for maintenance. The auto stop feature was a big plus for the Quick Ally team, who had previously manually cleaned the returned scaffolding with hand held tools, which created some OH&S issues as well as time management problems.

A combination of a superior product, onsite service division, after sales service and spare parts availability was more than enough to secure the sale. In fact Quick Ally Scaffolding & Access Solutions will be adding more machines to their fleet of pressure cleaners in the near future.

If you have a unique cleaning requirement and would like someone from Kerrick to come and demonstrate a product or walk you through the various cleaning options available, contact us via the website or drop into your local branch, the Kerrick team will be happy to help.

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