He Still Loves His LAVA Carpet & Upholstery Extractor After All These Years


Reviews for carpet and upholstery extractors are seldom as passionate as the one we received from Lionel Rodrigues. A contract cleaner with a heart of gold who wants to ensure your kids are playing in the cleanest possible environments at their kindergarten.

Lionel wandered into Kerrick’s South Australian branch hoping against all hopes that he’d be able to buy a few spare parts for his 17 year old LAVA carpet and upholstery extractor. He was well and truly surprised to find that not only did Kerrick still sell parts for his machine, we still carry the LAVA in stock as over the last two decades it’s become one of our best selling, most reliable carpet extractors.

Lionel’s commercial cleaning business has won contracts to clean a number of local Kindergartens ensuring they’re kept hygienic and safe for the children who attend them. Kids being kids however can make a substantial mess particularly with paint, crayons and their packed lunches. The LAVA has a powerful motor with great suction which Lionel uses to remove stains from kindergarten carpet, upholstery and felt walls. The ability to remove spot carpet stains and marks by using the upholstery tool has become particularly useful for this type of work. He also went on to say that "The LAVA has proved itself to be lightweight, portable and extremely robust".

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To get a quote or find out more information on the LAVA four in one multi-purpose cleaner get in touch with the team at Kerrick, they're happy to help.

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