Thomas Randle the NZ Grand Prix and Why We Love Him


Thomas Randle impressed at the NZ Grand Prix and made Australia proud. He placed fifth (up four positions from last year) and set one of the fastest lap times. Even more impressively he pulled it off after a last minute decision to enter the competition in a car he’d never driven before!

We had the opportunity to catch up with Randle and find out his thoughts on how the competition went. He was happy with how the NZ Grand Prix played out but true to form was looking for ways he and his team could improve. He believed they could have maximized more on the qualifying rounds. However, Randle was able to make up three positions, and went from eighth on the grid to fifth setting the third fastest lap time of the race. Kind of impressive for a driver who had less recent track experience than all the other competitors!

When asked what the biggest challenge his team faced on the day was, he said one of the most difficult things to do properly in motorsport is set the car up correctly for the conditions.“We had a 15 lap race prior to the Grand Prix (a 35 lap race) and trying to keep the car quick for 35 laps was definitely one of the biggest challenges on the day. I still think we could have made the car better though!”

Fans have been asking if Randle will compete at next year’s Grand Prix, so we put the question to him.  “In all honesty, I can't predict that far ahead, but I would love to have another crack at the New Zealand Grand Prix and ultimately go for the win. Another year's experience in wings and slicks cars certainly can't hurt my chances for 2017!”

The team members at Kerrick have become pretty hardcore Thomas Randle fans and wanted to learn a little more about what makes him tick. So we asked him a few questions to get to know him better:

If you could describe to someone what it’s like flying around the track in the middle of a competition, what three words would you use? Exhilarating, challenging, and (very) grateful.

Do you have any rituals or traditions that you do before going into a race? I don't really have any rituals, I know a few drivers who do. I drink a fair bit of water prior to a race to maintain hydration. I might do a little bit of skipping to warm up my muscles and reflexes, listen to some music, do a few stretches, talk to my engineer and mechanics, and then get suited up and strapped into the car.

What is your favourite medium of motorsports e.g. Kerrick sports sedans, slicks and wings etc? I personally enjoy open wheeler cars, however the Kerrick Sports Sedans are real beasts. Any driver would be happy to hop in a sports sedan any day of the week, including me! However, I would rather try and make a career driving wings and slicks formula cars.

What’s next on your calendar, how can we keep track of you? I have just confirmed that I will be racing in the BRDC F4 Championship with Douglas Motorsport. It’s an eight round championship, hosting seven rounds in the UK and one round in Belgium. I am extremely excited to get the championship underway! The first round is at Snetterton on the 26-27th of March. The best way to catch up on news, race results, photos and videos is on my Facebook page, you can also check out my website for information.


As we've mentioned before Kerrick has a bit of a soft spot for Randle and here's why:

Three reasons love Thomas Randle

  • The kid’s got chops, he drives hard (really hard) which makes him seriously exciting to watch.
  • He’s gifted with an analytical mind which shows on the track in how he drives and off the track in how sets up his car.
  • His enthusiasm for the sport is infectious and he's the nicest, most humble person you'll ever meet. It’s really hard not to like him!


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