3 Simple Steps To Help Get Your Vacuum Cleaner's Suction Back!


We all know what it’s like; your vacuum cleaner practically sucks the carpet out of the ground when you first buy it. Then as time goes by your frustration mounts as the suction gets lower and lower and lower. You find yourself vacuuming the same areas of carpet again and again and again trying to get it clean and telling yourself you will NEVER buy this brand of vacuum cleaner again!

Vacuum cleaners are our bread and butter, so we feel your pain. Over the years we’ve seen many frustrated customers pass through our doors, going out of their minds because their usual cleaning work is taking twice the time. But that doesn’t have to be the case. Before you demand blood....Have you given your vacuum cleaner a look over and the general maintenance it needs to keep operating at its best? If you’re frustrated that your vacuum cleaner no longer sucks like it used to, here are three easy checks you can do that might just save your sanity:



Dry Vacs: If your vacuum tank or collection bag is full (or almost full), then you should probably empty it. When the tank/bag is full the cyclonic airflow of your vacuum cleaner is reduced and your filters will become clogged and dirty faster than usual. As we’ll explain below dirty filters can put unnecessary strain on your motor and reduce overall suction.

Wet & Dry Vacs: If you’re sucking up liquids with a wet and dry vacuum and suddenly your suction dies and the machine switches off, try emptying your tank. Kerrick’s wet & dry vacs have a safety mechanism that turns off your machine when the water levels get too high. This great little invention prevents liquids getting into the motor and frying the circuit board, potentially saving you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars in replacement equipment over the years. It's pretty clever really.



For a vacuum cleaner to work properly air needs to pass through the vacuum cleaner and into the motor to help cool it down as it lowers the air pressure inside the machine creating a vacuum/suctionFilters help to clean the air that gets sucked up into the machine, trapping dust particles to prevent them from entering the motor (which could damage the mechanics). When your filters are dirty the air can’t pass through as easily, which means the motors have less air available with which to cool themselves down. This can result in performance dropping and the motors overheating or burning out. Although easily forgotten about, filters play an important role in how well your vacuum cleaner works, so it’s important to keep them clean.

You should replace or clean your vacuum cleaner filters a couple of times a year for domestic vacuums and more frequently for commercial vacs. You can clean most filters by either rinsing them under a tap or blowing them out with an air compressor, see the user manual for details. If the filter is starting to look bare, holes are beginning to appear or you’re noticing dust on the motor head then it’s time to replace the filter. Keep in mind that many vacuum cleaners come with more than one filter (multi-stage filtration) and all of these filters need to be cleaned regularly for your vacuum cleaner to perform at its best. If you need new filters, or if all of this sits in your ‘too hard basket,’ then bring your Kerrick vacuum cleaner in for a regular service and our crew will do the dirty jobs for you.



Vacuum cleaners create a vacuum (surprise suprise) that causes air to be sucked up through your tools into the hose and then into the vacuum cleaner. If your floor tool, wand or hose is loose or cracked and air is allowed to pass through these cracks/holes then the seal is broken and the suction that forms between the floor tool and the vacuum cleaner itself is greatly reduced…but we’ll try not to bore you to death. Basically what you need to remember is that damaged tooling equals less suction! So check your hose, wand and accessories on a regular basis to make sure they fit together snugly and there aren’t any cracks or holes. If any tools are damaged, then drop into Kerrick and we’ll find the right replacement part for your machine.



Listed above are the three most commonly overlooked and easiest to fix issues that people tend to have with their vacuums. Sometimes however life isn’t that straight forward…If you’ve run through this checklist and you still feel like throwing your vacuum cleaner out the window of a high rise building, then come to us. We've been at it since 1937. We know what works. Drop your Kerrick vacuum into your local branch and our service team will have you back up in business in no time.

If all else fails Kerrick carries a great range of commercial and industrial vacuum cleaners for just about every need you could have from dry vacuums for everyday use, to multi-purpose wet and dry vacuums to hazardous materials vacuumsindustrial fine dust vacs and even vacuum cleaners that clean your gutters from the safety of the ground! Browse of our range online and get in touch, we'll walk you through everything you need to know to get the right vacuum cleaner for your application.

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