3 Things to Consider Before Purchasing a Pressure Washer


Before purchasing a pressure washer think long and hard about what you intend to use it for

What kind of work will you be doing, building maintenance, equipment wash down, vehicle washing, drain cleaning or general clean up and will it be on a domestic or industrial scale?  How frequently will you be using it: daily, weekly or only a few times a year? Do you need to use cold water, hot water or have chemical injection options?

By understanding the type of cleaning work you’ll be doing, you’ll quickly get a good idea of the type of machine and accessories you need.  You should now know if you need a domestic or an industrial pressure washer and whether it needs to be large and trailer/van mounted or small and compact.


Fuel or ElectricityWHAT’S YOUR POWER SOURCE?

Cold water electric pressure washers are great for mid to light duty work, however there are a few drawbacks that your should be aware of. With electric machines movement will be limited to the length of your power cord and electricity is not always available on site. Hot water pressure cleaners are popular for heavy duty and degreasing work, these hybrids use electricity to run and diesel to fire their burners and heat water up to your required temperature. Firebox boilers can be connected to cold water petrol pressure washers and powered by a generator to create a hot water pressure washer.

Diesel and petrol water blasters are designed for heavy duty cleaning around construction sites, on farms and for building wash down work. Petrol water blasters allow freedom of movement and provide enough power to get the difficult jobs done. For the mining industry diesel is the only power source that meets ‘minespec’ requirements. Now take a moment and think about how you’ll use the machine and what the most practical solution is for you.



Now you that know your power source and intended applications, you can decide on your ideal pressure range. Keep in mind pressure washing can be extremely dangerous to both property and people. Using too high a pressure on something like wood or plaster work can cause serious damage. On the contrary using too low a pressure on an item that requires needs industrial cleaning can waste both time and money and not get the job done properly. It’s therefore essential you choose a pressure washer that has a pressure and flow combination that can meet your range of cleaning needs without over or under performing.

To find out about what pressure and flow combinations are recommended for various applications, take a look at our Pressure Selection Infographic.



By this stage you should have a clear picture of the type of machine that will suit your needs. In most cases an ‘off the shelf’ product will suffice, however sometimes a more customized pressure washer is required. For the more industrial cleaning applications or tricky cleaning scenarios, talk to the team at Kerrick, they can walk you through your options and help you build the right machine for your needs. Take a look through our Special Builds Blog, it will give you some ideas on the various kinds of industrial cleaning equipment available and provide inspiration on how to tackle your own cleaning problems. 

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