How to Attach the Dry Brush Outrigger to Your Vacuum Cleaner


Designed to attach to the front of our light industrial vacuum the 623PL, the Dry Brush Outrigger is a great little contraption that makes clean up in large areas a breeze. As brilliant as this piece of equipment is, it’s caused more than its fair share of confusion over the years about how it is attached to a vacuum cleaner.

The Dry Brush Outrigger (VP00041) comes with a steel plate that is screwed into place under the front of the vacuum cleaner. The operator can then adjust the height of the wheels to suit their needs and connect the vacuum pickup hose into place at the top of the outrigger.

To make things a little clearer we’ve provide some pictures of the Dry Brush Outrigger attached to one of our vacuum cleaners so you can see how it all fits together.

If you're still having issues attaching the equipment, then drop into your local Kerrick branch and one the team will walk you through it.


VP00041 Outrigger Attached 1 Web View

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