Contract Cleaner Puts Kerrick Surface Cleaner To the Test

Aqua Power Pressure Cleaning in Mandurah WA, recently purchased a Kerrick Honda 3000 psi HH3017 heavy duty water blaster and 20” Whirlaway to assist the day to day activities of their contract cleaning business.

The 20" Whirlaway makes quick work of moss and grime on a number of surfaces including, paving, concrete, sidewalks and tiles without striping or causing damage. While the HH3017 water blaster is popular with contract cleaners due to its heavy duty nature, quality componentry and practical design.

Aqua Power Pressure Cleaning combined these two great products to create the ultimate surface cleaning machine. The video and photos on this page were provided by Aqua Power Pressure Cleaning when carrying out trials of Kerrick’s equipment. Even though the video is a little grainy it becomes clear just how quick and efficient this equipment is. The 20” whirlaway takes tired, old looking paving and gives them a new lease on life, saving the client the expense of having to repave the area.

For more information on our range or Whirlaway surface cleaners and our industrial grade water blasters drop into your local branch or call 1300 KERRICK (1300 537742).


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