Grind Cement Without the Dust Using the Heavy Duty Fine Dust Vac

Watch as the Heavy Duty Fine Dust Vac (FD 1500) makes cleaning up cement dust seem like child's play. The videos below show this vacuum attached to a 3 phase grinder as it resurfaces a large warehouse floor. The Heavy Duty Fine Dust Vac handles the job with ease and the lack of dust in the atmosphere means very little clean up is required after the job is done. 

The Heavy Duty Fine Dust Vac is a specialist unit that delivers maximum performance when vacuuming fine dust due to its superior air to cloth ratio and unique filter assembly. The unit incorporates the latest technology with a robust turbine motor, improved cyclonic particle separation and ergonomic waste disposal system, making it the market leader in industrial fine dust vacuum cleaners. The filter assembly has been engineered to handle fine dust, has improved particle separation and is ideal for resolving OH & S fine dust issues.

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