Hydro-Excavation Demonstration

Hydro-Excavation also known as Non-Destructive Digging (NDD) is an excavation system that is becoming increasingly popular in the Australian market place due to the reduced risks of damaging underground pipelines and cables.* 

The video below shows a demonstration of a professional hydro-excavation team locating commercial pipelines using the non-destructive digging process. While this particular client’s truck was manufactured overseas all of their work is carried out using Kerrick’s Monro-Jet excavation nozzles.

Kerrick can supply a range of hydro-excavation nozzles, high pressure hose, guns and lances. We also have engineering ability to build hydro-excavation trucks equipped with both high pressure jetting and vacuum facilities.

*Many contractors do however put some limitations on the pressures that can be used as excess use of pressure can cause damage. 



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