Innovative Product Solves Noise Pollution Problem for Tram Stop Cleaner

Kerrick in Melbourne was approached by a large cleaning company who had a contract to clean tram stops in the early hours of the morning. With the CBD becoming more residential they found they were getting an increasing number of noise complaints and consequently needed to acquire a quieter system. Taking this into account Kerrick installed a MD200 Silent hot water pressure cleaner into the client's truck.

This pressure washer is diesel driven, diesel fired and fully contained within a sound deadening frame and cover. The engine is a twin cylinder diesel and has more than enough power to run a bigger 3000 psi, 21 litre a minute pump (than what was originally specified) which in turn allows the operators to run two guns concurrently saving the client time and money.

We also installed a 2000 litre water supply tank with baffles, a 50mm quick fill system, two hose reels with 20 metre hoses and two 20 litre fuel cans and holders.

This case study once again shows the innovative solutions that can be achieved by Kerrick as a result of our engineering capabilities, wide experience across a range of industries and willingness to help you tackle your problems head on, to find the solution that best suits your needs.  Are you facing a problem you're not quite sure how to solve, then give us a call on 1300 537 742.

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