Kerrick SkyVacuum Tutorial and Set Up Guide

Congratulations on purchasing your Kerrick SkyVacuum. Vacuuming gutters from the comfort of the ground greatly improves safety in the workplace but it is a skill and it does take some getting used to. We recommend watching the start up guide and tutorial video below to get step by step instructions on how to set up your machine and for handy hints and tips to help you get the most of this revolutionary new system. The tutorial was created by the team who came up with the SkyVacuum concept so you can rest assured they know what they are talking about.

Note: One of the key things to remember with this gutter vacuum system is to take it slowly and dip in and out of the gutter giving the SkyVacuum time to process the clumps it has broken up. If you rush the job and plough through gutter debris the system will be less effective and you are more likely to have blockages. For more details watch the video: SkyVacuum Troubleshooting - Keep Getting Blockages?

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