Standard Drain Nozzle - 1/4

Standard Drain Nozzle - 1/4" at 30LPM

Part Number: NOZ DR 1/4 3K 30 S

The Standard Drain Nozzle - 1/4" at 30LPM runs at pressures of up to 3000 psi and has 1 forward facing jet and 3 rear facing jets making it ideal for use in general maintenance and residential drain cleaning applications. This drain cleaning nozzle is competitively priced in the Australian market, fabricated from hardened stainless steel, compact and manoeuvrable.
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30 lpm
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  • Compact and Manoeuvrable
  • Wear resistant stainless steel
  • Price competitive
  • 1 forward facing and 4 rear facing jets for effective cleaning
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