WV-1/4 Small Lines 2

WV-1/4 Small Lines 2" to 4"

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The WV-1/4 drain cleaning nozzle uses flow-through technology and features a revolutionary high-speed design with no high pressure seals or bearings to service. It effectively cleans lines as small as 2” with long sweeping elbows. This new design also features permanent, pre-drilled orifices. The tool operates from 2-5k psi (140-350 bar) and 3-8 gpm (11-30 l/min). It has a 1/4” NPT pipe thread inlet and if a 1/4” NPT hose fitting is used the tool can pass through long radius elbows in 2” and larger lines. There are no maintenance or overhaul kits due to the low maintenance design. A table of available head options, can be seen in the second image for this product.
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3-8 pgm (11.4 - 30.3 l/min)
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Hp Hose Type:
Hp Hose Length:
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0.45 lb (0.2kg)
  • Up to 5k psi (350 bar)
  • 3-8 gpm Flows (11-30 l/min)
  • For 2-4" Lines (51-102mm)
  • High-Speed Technology
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