Cleaning and Sanitizing Commercial Kitchens


The Adelaide Convention Centre contacted Kerrick with a request for a pressure washer capable of cleaning and sanitizing their large commercial kitchen and some of the equipment in it.

While Kerrick would normally recommend an industrial hot water pressure cleaner for an application that needed to sanitize and clean greasy surfaces, this is not the ideal solution for commercial kitchens. Most of the hot water pressure cleaners that can meet this need are diesel driven and produce fumes which means they shouldn't be used for extended periods in an enclosed environment especially not where food is being prepared.

Kerrick therefore recommended using an EI3015, electric cold water pressure cleaner, which operates at 3000 psi with a flow of 15 litres per minute. Using the hot water available at the Convention Centre, the pump was fitted with ‘hot seals’ allowing it to handle water up to 85°C. This system effectively turns an electric cold water pressure cleaner into a hot water cleaner.

Kerrick also fitted a hose reel with 20m of high pressure hose to the trolley of the pressure cleaner giving operators the freedom to walk around the kitchen without having to continually move the heavy pressure cleaner. Our salesman having spoken to the client and discussed possible solutions, took the pressure cleaner on to site and demonstrated it for them in their kitchen. When the Adelaide Convention Centre saw how effectively the product worked in their kitchens they were more than happy to go through with the purchase.

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