Customised Fit Out of Plumbing Ute


An Adelaide plumber approached Kerrick with a request for a custom fit out of a drain cleaner to their ute. The plumbers core business operations were centred on emergency break-down repairs, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They prided themselves on their rapid response to both small domestic plumbing jobs as well as large commercial projects. It was therefore imperative that the company had an efficient jetting solution that could be quickly mobilized to site; a system that could handle both the small and large jobs.

The client wanted a 5000 psi at 20l/min jetter mounted to their plumbing ute with the feeder hose reel and jetting hose reel mounted to the rear of his tray toolboxes.

Kerrick rubber mounted the jetter and secured it to the tray using stainless steel ‘U Bolts’ to keep the units secure and reduce vibrations. Kerrick also had a special 5mm bent support plate made, which was fitted to the inside of the toolboxes, to support the weight of the reels.
The feeder hose reel had 30m x 1/2” of hose, while the jetting hose reel had 60m x 1/4” of high pressure jetting hose. The Client was also supplied with 1 x Reverse Turbo Nozzle, 1 x KEG Penetrator (1 forward, 4 back) and 1 x KEG Sewer Flush (6 back).

Kerrick used a combination of high pressure hose and stainless steel tubing to plumb the reel to a gauge and a lock off ball valve, which were also mounted on the rear of the toolbox.

To find out more about how Kerrick can custom fit pressure washers, water blasters and drain cleaners to vans, utes and trucks contact us via the website or drop into your local branch today. Our salesmen are local Australian boys who know the local market and understand the need for flexibility.

Drain Jetting System Built for Plumber's Ute

Drain Jetting System Built for Plumber's Ute.

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