Do You Know Your Universal Nozzles?


Most water blasters and pressure cleaners come standard with four or five colourful quick coupling nozzles. These nozzles allow you to carry out general commercial and domestic cleaning jobs from light duty work through to heavy duty removal of tar and resins.

This system of colourful spray nozzles is so simple and easy to use it’s been adopted as a universal standard. That being said a large number of Australian water blaster operators are still a little hazy on which nozzles should be used for certain applications.There are five nozzles in the standard range and each colour represents a different spray angle and is therefore suitable for different applications. We've broken them down for you so you can get the most out of your  pressure cleaner or water blaster.

Note: Using a nozzle or setting that concentrates too much power can damage some surfaces, particularly items such as wood or stucco, so always test a small section before starting a job and if in doubt use a less powerful setting. Cleaning results will also vary based on water pressure, spray fan angle, detergent use, and distance from the surface being cleaned.

12 Noz 14 QC ChemBlack Quick Coupling Nozzle
Generating a 65° spray pattern, the black nozzle produces the least pressure and the most gentle spray. It’s ideal for applying detergent as the low pressure doesn't blast the detergent away or cause any damage.


15 1 2 Noz QC 40033White Quick Coupling Nozzle
Generating a 40° spray pattern, the white nozzle also produces a reasonably low pressure and is ideal for cleaning down boats and cars, stucco walls, windows, decks and other light duty cleaning applications.


15 Noz QC 25030Green Quick Coupling Nozzle
Generating a 25° spray pattern, the green nozzle is a good general purpose cleaning nozzle. It’s popular for removing mud, dirt and mould and is ideal for cleaning brick, paving, decks as well as equipment and vehicle wash down in the commercial sectors.


14 1 2 Noz QC 15050Yellow Quick Coupling Nozzle
Generating a 15° spray pattern, the yellow nozzle puts out serious pressure and is ideal for heavy duty work such as stripping paint, removing grease, rust and oxidation as well as concrete cleaning.



14 Noz QC 0055Red Quick Coupling Nozzle
Generating a 0° spray pattern, the red nozzle is the most powerful of the five nozzles. This nozzle should be used for heavy duty/industrial strength work such as removing tar, resin, glues and rust. Caution should be used and a small area tested to ensure the pressure emitted from this nozzle doesn’t damage the items/areas being cleaned. The use of safety gear is strongly recommended.


Kerrick carries a wide range of nozzles from the 5 Universal Nozzles mentioned above through to Warthog and drain cleaning nozzlesBansheesBarracudas and other surface preparation nozzles as well as great range of hydro-excavation nozzles. We have jetting experts on hand who can calculate the pressures and flows you need to help you choose the right nozzle for the job. For more information call into your local branch or contact us via the website.

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