High Pressure Surface Preparation Jetter for Painting Specialist


Trafalgar Painting Company Ltd are painting, surface preparation and asbestos removal specialists. They recently purchased a specialist high pressure surface preparation jetting system from Kerrick to speed up the process of removing paint, rust and debris from ships, boats and machinery.

One key feature of high pressure water jetting is that it is a quicker, more efficient and more environmentally friendly method than grit blasting. There is no airborne dust, no grit disposal and all salt deposits are removed from the steel substrate, providing an ideal surface for new paint.

Kerrick supplied the Trafalgar Painting Company with a custom manufactured 110HP, diesel driven, skid mounted, high pressure surface preparation unit, fitted with a specialist Hughes HPS1000 pump. The system operates at 1000 bar with a flow of 34 l/min and easily strips away paint, dirt and rust without damaging the underlying structure.

In addition to the high pressure jetter Kerrick supplied the client with Stoneage Barracuda nozzles, an APS 1000 bar dump gun, safety gear and onsite training. When working with high pressure jetting systems it’s extremely important to have safety systems in place and ensure correctly rated Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is worn at all times.

Kerrick consequently supplied the client with 2800 bar rated specialist safety gear manufactured in Sweden by TST. This range of PPE is not only rated to safely handle pressures of up to 2800 bar, it’s also comfortable and practical which encourages operators to use it.

Video demonstrations of the unit can be seen below. The first video shows the initial testing and demonstration of the surface preparation system on site at Kerrick. The second video shows the system being commissioned and used to strip paint from the surface of a large commercial fishing vessel.


Initial Demonstration and Testing


Onsite Commissioning and Stripping Paint from Commercial Fishing Vessel


Kerrick Hughes HP Surface Prep Unit

 High Pressure Surface Preparation

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