Hydraulic Cylinder & RAM Cleaning Using Pressure Washers


Hydroil, a company that custom manufactures hydraulic cylinders and RAMS for large mining and construction companies approached Kerrick’s SA branch with a challenge. Hydroil needed an effective cleaning system to remove metal swarf and lathe oil from both the inside and outside of long steel piping, however they needed a system that allowed them to use their current detergent.

Hyroil’s attention to detail has earned the company respect throughout the hydraulic industry and they know from experience that one seemingly minor cylinder malfunction can result in costly removal and downtime, which is why having a clean cylinder as a starting platform is so fundamentally important.

Having researched their detergent Kerrick discovered it was biodegradable, non-corrosive and PH neutral making it fine to feed through pumps as it won’t affect the seal life.

Kerrick supplied a  EI3012 pressure washer (operating at 3000 psi at 21 litre per minute) and retro-fitted it with a chemical injector on the inlet and a chemical metering valve to regulate the amount of detergent used. We also altered the orifice size of the chemical injector and fitted a flow restrictor to the water inlet thus allowing detergent to be utilised at high pressure and regulated through the metering valve.

In addition Kerrick manufactured two ¼” x 1.5m long stainless steel lances with quick couplings and a linear gun with interchangeable drain cleaning nozzles. This allows Hydroil to feed the tubes down the pipe to simulate drain cleaning type action with high pressure detergent if required. The overall result is a highly customised system that efficiently removes oil and swarf from the RAMS and cylinders internal and external surfaces during manufacturing. In fact that the process of cleaning RAMS and hydraulic cylinders is now so efficient it only takes 2-3 minutes, in comparison to Hydroil’s old system which used to take 10 – 15 minutes.

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