Hydrostatic Pressure Testing


Kerrick has manufactured and designed a Hydrostatic Pressure Testing rig that is ideal for process and plumbing applications.

Hydrostatic Pressure Testing is a safe non-destructive form of testing for leaks and for verifying the durability and performance of pressure vessels such as pipes, tubes and coils. Testing usually involves filling the pipe system or vessel with water to a pre-allocated pressure. The water supply is then shut off and the performance of the pipe/vessel is measured by any drops in pressure.

The Kerrick Hydrostatic Pressure Tester consists of an isolation valve, pressure gauge and dump valve mounted on sturdy frame that can handle harsh conditions of the industry. This particular unit has 100-2000 psi pressure range.

The Kerrick Hydrostatic Pressure Tester is also particularly popular with the Australian Fire Service, its lightweight, easy to use and accurate nature make it ideal for carrying out the pressure testing required for newly installed sprinkler systems.

Kerrick can manufacture rigs that can handle up to 5000 psi on request. Simply call into your local branch for more details.Pressure Tester 2

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