Mobile High Pressure Hose Reel Assembly


One of the more simple, yet effective custom builds we've carried out in recent years is a mobile high pressure hose reel assembly. The advantage of having a mobile hose reel is that the operator is given more maneuverability and can easily access the harder to reach sites.

Using a hose attachment a water blaster can be connected to the reel, the hose from the reel can then be dragged out to site leaving the water blaster in a safe and accessible place. Not having to move large, heavy water blasters into difficult to access locations reduces the risk of damaging the units, operator fatigue and overall down time, making these mobile hose reel units a good investment.

We've since modified our design to make the hose reel more compact and user friendly. This new portable mini hose reel design has been a hit with the plumbing industry as it can be handheld or bolted onto trucks, trailers or water blasters to give extra reach where it's needed. 

Portable Mini High Pressure Hose Reel

Portable Mini High Pressure Hose Reel.

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