Removing Asbestos from Oxy-Acetylene Bottles


Kerrick’s high pressure cleaning systems have been used in a new process of renovating oxy-acetylene bottles by removing their asbestos interiors allowing them to be recycled.

Kerrick custom built a high pressure motor and pump set for a client to remove the asbestos lining from oxy-acetylene bottles, of which there are tens of thousands around Australia which are currently not being used due to the asbestos issue.

The client uses high pressure water to blast the asbestos off the inside of the bottles, the asbestos is then collected for disposal and the bottles are fitted with a new inside liner and put back into circulation. This system of high pressure cleaning proved so effective that the client went on to purchase a second unit to assist in their work recycling oxy-acetylene bottles.

Specifications for the high pressure motor and pump set as follows:

  • 22kw motor and Hawk pump mounted on a galvanised skid for bolting into position.
  • The pump is direct driven through a flexible coupling.
  • The pump runs at 6000psi at 25 litres per minute.
  • The pump is feed by a 100 litre header tank.
  • A Star/Delta soft starter is fitted to control the motor.

For more information on high pressure cleaning equipment contact your local Kerrick sales technician.

Asbestos Removal High Pressure Cleaner 1

Kerrick's high pressure cleaner that was used for asbestos removal.

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