UHP Cleaner Dramatically Cuts Clean Times for Manufacturer


Kerrick was approached to develop a new cleaning system by a client who manufactured laminated timber panel board for the building industry. In the production process stainless steel mesh frames are used to support the panels. These mesh frames are reused, but the residual glue has to be cleaned off the frames between each use.

Previously, the process for removing the industrial glue compound included expensive chemicals and high labour input. This was not only costly, but it was limiting factory output. Kerrick initiated tests using ultra high pressure water jets to clean the screens. This proved to be very effective and demonstrated that using high pressure water could solve the time consuming glue removal problem. As a result of these successful tests, Kerrick was given the go ahead to design and build an ultra high pressure water blaster.

"Kerrick completely revolutionized the washing process cutting the cleaning time from 5 hours to 15 minutes".

By hanging the mesh from the roof and adding a sling to support the gun, we reduced user fatigue and increased factory efficiency. Kerrick completely revolutionized the washing process cutting the cleaning time from 5 hours to 15 minutes. This has saved money and helped increase production.

Built on a stainless steel skid, the motor is a three phase 45 Kw 4 pole. The pump is a Pratissoli VF 14 Triplex Plunger, belt driven from the motor at 1000 rpm. It has an RV 14/1500 stainless steel regulating valve. The pump produces 12,000 Psi at 23 liters per minute. Kerrick fitted a specially designed 15K high pressure dump gun and lance. This dumps water when the trigger is released. The lance is long, designed to prevent the operator from cutting lower legs with a water “swipe”. The high pressure hose, whip and shroud was included to protect the operator, should the hose fail at the gun end. A two jet 15K Barracuda nozzle was fitted to achieve the high pressure required.

As a safety precaution we supplied Turtle Skin safety gaiters (see image above) made of Kevlar that reduce severe injury to lower legs in case of an accidental “swipe” injury from high pressure water. These safety features ensure compliance with OSH and gives the operator peace of mind. Watch the video below as an operator at the mill carries out glue removal. 

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